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The Company We Keep

I’ve been working on posting more regularly but with the schedule I have, that means short-ish & sweet. Here’s one of those, I suppose.

I like to think about what my past timeline will look like 50 years from now. Do you ever do that? I wonder about what I will actually have accomplished compared to what I dream of doing. I wonder what bittersweet memories I’ll have, what compromises I’ll have made (liked things lost for loved things won). I wonder if I’ll have been able to keep my optimistic heart clean from all the broken and angry out there. I wonder if I’ll have published my book(s) and if my siblings will be happy. I wonder if I’ll have kept on or if I’ll have let the crush of failure stop me from ever catching my breath again. In all my wondering, I try to plan. But plans require control, and control is usually an illusion. No, life is not a big fan of following plans. What else is there when plans fall apart? Relationships. There’s this quote, “don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.” I think it’s true. The people you keep around you become an inextricable part of your story. And so relationships fascinate me: friends, enemies, bosses, coworkers, familial ties, lovers, soul mates. What seems like a simple word here or a few minutes there becomes a lifetime spent alongside somebody. The people I would trade places with do not have just some bodies next to them, they have somebodies who made them better. A thank you to my somebodies. Who are yours?

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